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October 10, 2008



Great initiative Paul. It would be great to see non masons frequenting our blog with comments and questions. Shawn.


I agree. The blog is public so anyone can find it by Googling 'Yeronga Lodge' - but then again you've got to know the name of the lodge to find it directly or be prepared to wade through pages of lodge results. We do have a link on the UGLQ website so maybe that will help. I think for Open Nights in the future we add the web address to the newspaper ad or whatever publicity channel we use.


hey mate. How about if we got the word "freemasonry" right at the top so Google found this before Yeronga Lodge. A bit cheeky? Shawn


Greetings Brothers,

Just wanted to say good job on your blog and your choice of tartan.

As a member of Caledonian Lodge No 14, I hope to visit you once and a while.


Paul H

Thanks Wade. Look forward to seeing you.

Jeff Shirts

Greetings. I found this site through a link in Facebook and thought it was very well put together. Very nice job.

Have a Merry Christmas,

Jeff Shirts
Eagle Rock Lodge #19
Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

Stuart Robinson

Greetings Brethren,
I also found this site through facebook and found it very interesting. A well put together site, well done.

Bro Stuart Robinson
Lodge Vandeleur #3586
Northumberland Province

Bro. Martin Packer

I also found your page through the Freemason group on Facebook.

Your site is very informative and well put together.


Bro. Martin Packer
Pacific Lodge #16
Mission, BC.

Jason Brummell


I would like to get in contact with Bro Simon Bell. My contact e-mail address is [email protected].


Jason Brummell



Can I get in contact with you please. I would like to start a similar blog for Caledonian and associated orders and I'm hoping you can be of assistance.



Greetings Brethren,

Just wanted to let you know that Caledonian now have their own blog and a handy link to yours to boot.

Please stop by to see what we're up to now and again.

Bro. Wade M-K


Saw it Wade. Looks very good. We also have a link to it on on our page now. Paul H


Ah so you have Paul. You're quicker off the mark than I gave you credit. ;)

I'll see you guys at your next 1st degree.

Wade M-K


Hello BROTHERS just came in to say Hello From king lodge #722 in king north Carolina


Guess who's coming to dinner!

If Bro. Hutchison is being Passed to FC in June I will be attending the meeting. :)


Disregard that last comment. It's your Installation in June. D'oh!


Hi Wade. The revised plan is to pass Bro Hutchison at our July meeting.

Andrew Wanock

Very well set up informative site. Fraternal greetings to your WM and Brethern. From all the Brethern at Lodge Anima Glasgow 1223. Would love to exchange links if possible please email me and i wiil put your site to ours. Your Fraternal Brother from Scotland.
Andy Warnock

Andrew Wanock

I would just like to thank Brother Paul Holland. For taking the time to email me and for adding our site to your's. In return i have added your's to our site paul. Please feel free to visit our site and leave your comments on our guestbook. Which you can access through our contact us page. Once again fraternal greetings Brethern.

Rod Rego, Toronto, ON, CANADA

Fraternal Greeting Bro. Paul Holland from Canada!

Great Website and Blog.

I would like to visit Yeronga Lodge sometime in the future whenever I make it Downunder.

Rod Rego
Senior Deacon
Alpha Tuscan Lodge #384
Toronto East District

Andy Warnock

just a wee note to say have a happy new year one and all. From all the Brethern at Lodge Anima Glasgow 1223

Luke Sellick

Fraternal Greetings from "Fenwick Lodge No 68 UGLQ".

I have visted your web-site from time to time to see what work you have been up to and I love looking at all the photographs.
Keep up the great work and I will have to make it down one night to see you's in action.

Luke Sellick, "Fenwick Lodge No 68 UGLQ".

Brian Nield

Hi Paul,
Thanks for all your help over the past few weeks.
Brian Celtic of Ithaca


Today I asked my father if he knew anything about the Freemasons and he looked at me with a sign of relief, I was rather puzzled when he told me he thinks his uncle and our next door neighbor are Freemasons, is there anyway I can find out without asking them.

Mark Dole

Hey Brian,
Just ask them.!
They wont bite , if anything they will be glad to chat with you about it !!!
Ask them if they were " taught to be cautious"
Wpl Bro Mark Dole
Master Col Light

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  • Yeronga Lodge was the name adopted by the Brethren of Lodge St George in 1921. It is a Masonic Lodge based in Brisbane Australia and is numbered 246 on the roll of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland.It was originally consecrated Lodge St George No 1152 SC in 1915. In 1920 St George joined the Queensland Grand Lodge as No 180. The Lodge changed its name to Yeronga and number to 246 when the United Grand Lodge of Queensland was formed in 1921. In 2013 Yeronga was granted permission by the Most Worshipful Grand Master to resume its original name of Lodge St George and retain its roll number of 246 in late 2013.