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About Lord Saltoun

  • Lord Saltoun is a Masonic Lodge based in Brisbane Australia and is numbered 98 on the roll of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland. It was originally consecrated Lodge St David No. 825 under the Scottish Constitution in 1895. The Lodge changed its name to Lodge Lord Saltoun in 1897 to honour MW Bro (Alexander) Lord Saltoun (Alexander William Frederick Fraser - the 18th Lord Saltoun), the 76th Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland (1897-1900). It became Lodge Lord Saltoun No. 98 UGLQ when the United Grand Lodge of Queensland was formed in 1921. Lord Saltoun still maintains its Scottish Ritual Work. Lord Saltoun meets at the Kedron Masonic Centre in Brisbane on the 2nd Tuesday night of each month except January. Tyling time is 7.00pm.

Lord Saltoun Contact

  • If you have any enquiries about Freemasonry in general or joining Lodge Lord Saltoun please contact the Lodge Secretary: Barry Matson 3260 7718

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